Judgement - EP

by Enslaver

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released December 20, 2015

Enslaver 2015

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Cory Judd of A Night In Texas.

Artwork by Vohrart Designs.

All lyrics written by Damien Bigara.

All music written by Enslaver.



all rights reserved


Enslaver Gold Coast, Australia

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Track Name: Tides of Damnation Pt.1
As I enter the earths atmosphere
I bring forth an overwhelming fear
My departure has now commenced
Our arrival becoming imminent

The serpent has come
to take us to hell
Tides of damnation fall

Bringer of Death

I am the one, the bringer of destruction, leaving all I see in decay
Destroyer of worlds I bring you death, proving your god is a masquerade


Desolation will consume your world, leeching life, crafting a corpse
A black sun now rests on your horizon, your future has now been decided

I am extinction
Track Name: Tides of Damnation Pt.2 (Featuring Luke Gilroy of Enfield)
Ascending from the depths of hell

Arisen from the grave, I am no longer enslaved
These chains have been released
The end now has been reached

I have come forth to erase

Every living being

All will become but a memory in the wake of me

I am the harbinger, the bringer of death

bearer of all lies, I am the end

Tides of Damnation will fall.
Track Name: Prometheus
I am the voices inside your head
You think that I will pass but you will die instead
Arise, as we become one
Taking on my form

Protruding from your head
My shape now starts to form
I show my smile
My tongue and teeth, so deformed

This is me, this is you
This is what you have become

A final transformation
You're losing hope
You have become the demon that lay under your bed

Tormenting me

This is me, this is you
This is what you have become

I Am You.
Track Name: Judgement
Welcome to the end
Lifelessness will haunt this world
Misery plaguing every living being
Extinction follows in the wake of me
Cursing all beings, dead or living
There is no escape
I answer thy calling
Judgement has begun

The winter wind calls me, so loud
Embracing the inevitable
I look beyond myself and all I find
The soul it's searching for is indeed mine

Everything that I have ever known
Has been torn apart, out of control
You see a man, a human being
Though I am all but such a thing

God please save me
Please, someone, please

A tortured soul, what have I become
A faithful following diminished by one

I am the bringer of your death
The voices that live inside your head
All you see is an enemy
Created by a justified charity

As you lay inside your bed to rest
Death lingers in the air
Coming forth, only to destroy
The end is now in store

With the end in sight
The world will not see a new light
Extinction now has been set
Your demise now has been met

The chains that bound me are becoming undone
Destroying innocence, this anger now is unbound

Tortured, As I lay so numb, lifeless I have become

Hopeless, I accept death

This anger it nests within my soul
Desolation filling my bones
Fragility as I become weak
Insanity is consuming me

As I walk between hell and heaven
I still am yet to repent for my sins